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We cannot deny the fact that Australian vinos are very popular which explains the large number of exports she makes to other countries.

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Here is How to Buy Australian Wine in China

We cannot deny the fact that Australian vinos are very popular which explains the large number of exports she makes to other countries. The vino she produces is known for its unique scent and taste and especially the creativity involved in combining different flavors. The uniqueness of her vinos is enhanced by the distinct climate which characterizes different wine producing areas; as such, each area produces uniquely flavored liquor.  The best grape producing areas include Barossa valley, Clare valley, Margaret River and McLaren vale just to mention a few. This explains why great economies such as China have not been left behind in exporting and selling Australian vino to her people.

Consumers who would want to buy Australian wine in China need to pay attention to the following tips to avoid purchasing counterfeit liquor.

  • Buy from stores that are known for stocking Australian wine: Liquor is produced by different countries which later export to China. This means that Chinese liquor stores stock different vino brands. However, if you want to buy from a store that specializes in Australian wine, make sure that you get verbal recommendations from people who prefer taking his kind of wind. If that is not enough, you can always use the different search engines to find suggestions on the bests stores to buy Australian wine in China. By navigating through their respective websites, you will access crucial client feedbacks which communicate the kind and quality of vinos that these stores sell.
  • Ensure that the preferred vino is labeled appropriately: Australia produces both affordable and expensive liquor varieties. If the liquor’s label indicates that it originates from south eastern Australia, the prices should be affordable; these wines are best taken without allowing time to age. The labels on expensive liquor are usually specific in terms of the areas they originate from such as Barossa valley, limestone coast, Adelaide hills and so on. For instance, Adelaide hills is known for producing Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot Noir while Barossa valley produces Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Therefore, after you decide to purchase Australian wine in China, ensure that you are aware of the different regions and the types of vino that they produce. If you prefer fine wine, its label should indicate that it originates from Hunter Valley, Mudgee or Orange.
  • Consider the pricing before purchasing Australian liquor in China: Higher prices always point to high quality vinos with refined tastes, flavors, scents and longer aging duration. As such, if you notice vino that originates form say Limestone coast selling at throw-away prices, then that is an indication that you are about to purchase a counterfeit. Therefore, it is important to research on the price estimates of different liquor varieties.
  • Research on common Australian wine names: Counterfeit liquor possesses names which are almost similar to those of the authentic brands. It is necessary to know the specific names of the desired vinos to avoid confusing them with the counterfeits.


It is important to adhere to the mentioned considerations so as to enjoy the unique taste, scent and flavors of Australian intoxicants.